Privacy Policy

  1. This website makes use of your browser's caching system to load content quickly, just like many websites across the internet.
  2. This website, does not make use of cookies for storing user information or data.
  3. This website, does not store any user data, including but not limited to user name, user address, user passwords, and user payment information.
  4. Cloud content delivery services are utilised to ensure that you receive this website's content quickly, from a server near your location.
  5. As of 18th November, 2014, no e-commerce transactions are conducted on this website, All monetary transactions take place on our sister websites, or on reputable merchant websites only.
  6. Google Analytics is being used by this website, in order to give us information about how many visitors are viewing this website from each country the worldover. Our Google Analytics does not collect user names, user passwords, user payment information, user addresses, user search histories, or any other personal user information.