Saithree Published: 2017

Language: Sanskrit

Artist: Tipu

Type: ACD

Format: Track

Duration: 01:01:17


Theme: Chantings


Tracks: 1.Sai Eashwara Gayathri 2.Sai Surya Gayathri 3.Sai Hiranyagarbha Gayathri

Description: SAITHREE, the triple Sai Gayathri Manthras, namely, the Sai Eashwara Gayathri, Sai Surya Gayathri and Sai Hiranyagarbha Gayathri are powerful aids to devotees in enabling them to live in Divine Sai Consciousness. These are potent Manthras for facilitating the linkage of the individualized Self (Jeevatma) with the Supreme Self (Paramatma). Bhagavan Sathya Sai, in accordance with His mission of making everyone realize their inherent divinity, multiplies the devotees' capacities and faculties of perception, action and response, and also energy levels, by purifying them and suffusing them with Cosmic Divine Power through His unbounded Love and Absolute Eternal Blissful Form. Sai Eashwara Gayathri: Om Sayeeshvaraaya Vidhmahe Sathya Devaaya Dheemahi Thannah Sarvah Prachodayaath. "We realize that Sathya Sai is Divinity personified. We meditate on this God of Truth. We pray this All in All Divinity to lead us on the path of Liberation". Best chanted during Dawn Sai Surya Gayathri: Om Sri Bhaaskaraaya Vidhmahe Sai Devaaya Dheemahi Tannah Suryah Prachodayaath. "We know this Self-shining Entity. We meditate on SAI as SUN God, as Sai Surya. May this Divine Light enlighten us on the path of Liberation". Best chanted during Noon Sai Hiranyagarbha Gayathri: Om Prematmanaaya Vidhmahe Hiranyagarbhaaya Dheemahi Tannah Sathyah Prachodayaath. "We know this embodiment of Divine Love, Sathya Sai. We meditate on this golden wombed Divine personality. May the Truth-incarnate, Sai, lead us on the path of Truth, Love and Liberation" Best chanted during Dusk Singer: Tipu

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