Swaraarchana - A Musical Tribute

Swaraarchana - A Musical Tribute Published: 2015

Language: Hindi

Artist: Fifteen acclaimed artistes

Type: CD

Format: MP3

Duration: 10:30:00


Theme: Devotion

Credits: Fifteen acclaimed artistes

Tracks: 90 Songs

Description: “God installs Himself, wherever His glory is sung.” - Baba Swami has explained the importance of devotional singing succinctly through this statement and He has elucidated it several times in many of His discourses. God is 'Ganapriya' and 'Bhavapriya' - God loves music; be it instrumental, vocal, by an individual or a group. It touches His and our hearts, too. Bhava (feeling) is of paramount importance and He values it the most. Kirtanam (devotional singing) and Sravanam (listening) are the easiest among the nine-fold path to God and a sure shot way to establish the heart-to-heart connection with God. It is a prayerful invocation to the God within us. Swami had a strong inclination to melody and rhythm and whenever artistes came to seek His blessings, He gave them the opportunity to offer their art to Swami and the devotees too derived the twin benefit of listening to the artiste's performance and enjoying His darshan at the same time. ‘Swaraarchana’ is a delectable feast to our soul, which comprises ninety melodious devotional songs in mp3 format. These songs were offered to Swami in His presence by fifteen acclaimed artists on different occasions. It is a musical tribute to commemorate the 90th year of the advent of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar.

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