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  • Bhagawan Uvacha Vol. 3 - KarmaTime creeps steadily upon you and shears the cord of life. So, utilise the capacity for Karma (action), with which you are endowed to liberate yourself from the clutches of Time. The Law of Karma holds out hope for you; as is the Karma, so is the consequence. Do not bind yourself further by seeking the fruit of Karma. Offer the Karma at the Feet of God; let it glorify Him, let it further His splendour. Be unconcerned with the success or failure of the endeavour. Then, death can have no noose to bind you with. Death will come as a liberator, not a jailor. (S.S.S. Vol.VI p.55)

    Karma - Bhagawan Uvacha Vol. 3 (Complete Series)

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