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  • Bhagawan Uvacha Vol. 3 - MeditationWhen you sit for meditation, recite a few slokas on the glory of God, so that the agitated mind may be calmed. Then, gradually, while doing japam, draw before the mind’s eye the Form, which that name represents. When your mind wanders away from the recital of the name, lead it onto the picture of the form. When it wanders from the form, lead it onto the name. Let it dwell either on that sweetness, or this. Treated thus, it can be easily tamed. The imaginary picture that you have drawn will get transmuted into bhavachitra (thought visualisation). Gradually, it will become the sakshatkara chitra (vision of the actual Form), when the Lord assumes that form in order to fulfill your desire. (S.S.S. Vol.XIV p.255)

    Meditation - Bhagawan Uvacha Vol. 3 (Complete Series)

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