Quick Answer: How old is Bishop Brooks?

Detroit without Bishop PA Brooks is a city without a spiritual father. The senior pastor of New St. Paul Tabernacle Church of God in Christ died April 9 at 88 of health complications. He was a beloved statesman who played an influential role in the lives of many over the years.

Is Bishop PA Brooks still alive?

Brooks died April 9. The grief and pain felt by his congregation and denomination is being experienced by many Black churches that have lost leaders to COVID-19. Brooks’ family said they would rather focus on his life than whatever caused his death.

Who is Bishop PA Brooks wife?

Queen Mother Doris Brooks, Wife of the Late Bishop P. A. Brooks.

How old was Bishop Phillip Brooks?

Phillips Brooks

The Right Reverend Phillips Brooks D.D.
Died January 23, 1893 (aged 57) Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Buried Mount Auburn Cemetery
Nationality American
Denomination Anglican

Is Bishop PA Brooks?

(Phillip Aquilla) Brooks dies at 88. Pastor Bishop P.A. As First Assistant Presiding Bishop and Prelate of the Historic Northeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Michigan, Brooks had the distinction as the longest-serving General Board Member in the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. …

Who is the new head of cogic?

New COGIC leader aims to unify, manage financial strain caused by pandemic. As a boy, Bishop J. Drew Sheard grew up dreaming of becoming a preacher and a pastor. His father, uncle and grandfather had all served as pastors.

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Where was Phillips Brooks born?

Anthony Brooks brings more than 30 years of experience in public radio, working as a producer, editor, reporter and host for WBUR and NPR. Before becoming WBUR’s senior political reporter, Brooks was co-host of Radio Boston, WBUR’s local news and talk show.

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