What church does Levi Lusko pastor?

Levi Lusko is an author and also the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church – a multisite church located in Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Wyoming that he and his wife Jennie pioneered in 2007.

What religion is Fresh Life Church?

We were unable to find any denominational information on this church, but their Google listing has labeled them as a non-denominational church.

Who is the pastor of Fresh Life Church?

Thirty-two-year-old Pastor Levi Lusko heads Fresh Life Church, a multi-site Christian organization in Montana that strives to reach out to all people, not just believers. Lusko was born in Colorado in 1982 and moved to Albuquerque, N.M., in 1993.

Where did Fresh Life Church start?

Since being established in Kalispell in 2007, Fresh Life Church has grown significantly in size and scope. The church, led by pastor Levi Lusko, who moved to the Flathead Valley from California and formed the church at 25, has acquired multiple properties in downtown and expanded to cities across Montana.

How many campuses does Fresh Life Church have?

We currently have 8 campuses and are planning on opening 2 more in Montana and one in Wyoming later this year. Our church has about 5,000 people attending in person every weekend and twice that watching online through our website, app and television broadcasts.

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What happened to Levi Lusko’s daughter?

In December 2012, Levi and his wife Jennie’s 5-year-old daughter Lenya Avery Lusko passed away unexpectedly after a severe asthma attack. The second of four girls, Lenya “used to transform all the pieces from her wardrobe into three or four wild and wonderful outfits … by lunchtime each day,” remembered Levi.

Who is Levi Lusko wife?

Pastor Levi Lusko founded and leads Fresh Life Church, which has one of its campuses in Billings.

Where is Shawn Johnson Red Rocks Church?

Shawn Johnson is the Lead Pastor, and one of the founders of Red Rocks Church in the Denver Colorado area.

Does Levi Lusko have a podcast?

Fresh Life Church on Apple Podcasts. Welcome to the Fresh Life Church podcast! We are a church led by Pastor Levi and Jennie Lusko and exist to see those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Christ.

What time is Transformation Church?

Welcome to Transformation Church’s YouTube Channel! Join us for service every Sunday at 11am (CST) and weekly for NoonDay Prayer at 12pm (CST). We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing mystory@transformchurch.us!