What religion are most people in the Caribbean?

What is the religion of the Caribbean islands?

Hinduism is the leading single religion of the Indo-Caribbean communities of the West Indies. Hindus are particularly well represented in Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, where they constituted 18 percent of the total population, as of 2011.

Cayman Islands.

Year Percent Increase
2011 0.8% -0.2%

What are all the religions practiced in the Caribbean?

There are cross-references to indigenous religions, the Roman Catholic Church, African Caribbean religions, the Lutheran Church, Judaism, Vodou, Chinese Caribbean religions and Islam.

Is the Caribbean Catholic?

Today, the highest concentration of Catholics in the Caribbean are found in Guadeloupe (86 percent), Puerto Rico (85 percent), Martinique (86 percent), Aruba (85 percent), Dominican Republic (78 percent), and St. Lucia (62 percent). … Croix was named for the Holy Cross, and Trinidad was the Most Holy Trinity; St.

Is Barbados religious?

Religion in Barbados is predominantly Christian. Religious freedom is established by law and generally enforced in practice, although some minority religious groups have complaints about government practices that interfere with their beliefs.

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What is the fastest growing religion in Africa?

According to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the World Christian Database as of 2007 has Islam as the fastest-growing religion in the world.

Who brought Christianity to the Caribbean?

Emancipation: The Caribbean Experience. Religion in the Caribbean was an integral part of both the white and black societies during periods of emancipation and afterwards. European missionary groups like the Baptists, Moravians, Quakers, and the Catholics brought Christianity to the islands.

What is the fastest growing religion in Canada?

As of May 2013, Muslims account for 3.2% of the total population, with a total of over a million, and Islam has become the fastest growing religion in Canada.

What is Trinidad religion?

According to the 2011 Census, 33.4% of the population was Protestant, 21.6% was Roman Catholic, 18.2% was Hindu and 5.0% were Muslim. A small number of individuals subscribed to traditional Caribbean religions with African roots, such as the Spiritual Baptists; and the Orisha.

How many Christians are in Trinidad?

Breakdown of Religious Beliefs in Trinidad and Tobago

Rank Religion Population (%)
1 Protestant Christianity 32.1
2 Roman Catholicism 21.6
3 Hinduism 18.2
4 Religious but Unaffiliated 11.1

What religion is Jamaican?

Religion of Jamaica

Most Jamaicans are Protestant. The largest denominations are the Seventh-day Adventist and Pentecostal churches; a smaller but still significant number of religious adherents belong to various denominations using the name Church of God.

Who brought Catholicism to the Caribbean?

While Christopher Columbus first came to Jamaica in 1494, the first European settlers from Spain arrived in Jamaica in 1509. They were all baptised Roman Catholics as Catholicism is almost synonymous with Spain, with 99 per cent of its population being baptised Roman Catholics.

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How did the Roman Catholic come to the Caribbean?

The Christian religion was first brought to the Caribbean region during the last decade of the fifteenth century. This was one of the results of the Spanish expedition to the region under the leadership of Christopher Columbus, beginning in 1492.

Who brought Roman Catholicism to the Caribbean?

Christianity was introduced by Spanish settlers who arrived in Jamaica in 1509. Thus, Roman Catholicism was the first Christian denomination to be established. Later, Protestant missions were very active, especially the Baptists, and played a key role in the abolition of slavery.